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Robert B Kennedy

Bobby of Kennedy Copywriting

I immerse myself in a client’s website so that I understand its unique SEO challenges. Then I transform SEO issues into solutions that win greater visibility and the highest possible ROI.


What’s the Secret to Effective SEO?

The secret: there’s no secret.

  • You can find excellent SEO SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) who can perform an audit on your website and suggest strategies to fix SEO issues.
  • You can find excellent SEO Copywriters who can execute strategies suggested by the SEO SME.

Alternatively, you can find both in one person. (That would be me.) There aren’t many of us.

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3 Steps to Successful SEO

The following three steps are a simple but effective way to give your website a great chance at improving its SEO and traffic:

1. Analyze why competitors are achieving better results.

2. Note what competitors are not doing well.

3. Combine 1+2. Build and execute a plan to best your competitors.


So How To Analyze the Competition?

Ah, that’s what I specialize in.

But… What About My Competition?

I encourage you to speak to other writers and get differing perspectives. One thing to note is DIKW.
What’s “DIKW”?

The DIKW Model

This is the DIKW pyramid:

Home 1

Why am I sharing this? Because many writers today can make good use of information or even knowledge, but most do not know how to APPLY this (Wisdom).
Data is just the beginning. Wisdom is the application of data, information, and knowledge.

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