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What’s Your Biggest Marketing Wildcard?

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For many business managers, the biggest wildcard in marketing is not the marketplace or their competitors, but the performance of their employees and consultants. Are they:



Consistently meeting or exceeding your expectations?


Getting all of these? It’s like hitting “Win, Place, and Show” at a horse race. It just doesn’t happen much.

Kennedy Copywriting

So Now You’re Looking for a Copywriter?

Not just a writer, but a special writer. Someone who uses words to persuade.

You’ve wanted to pull the trigger but haven’t seen the right fit. You haven’t found someone who:

  • Really gets technology and its many nuances. The language, the concepts. Someone who never has to fake understanding or tells you they know when they really don’t.
  • Someone familiar with your business but, more importantly, who can learn about your customers.
  • Produces consistent results. As reliable as a well-oiled machine.
  • Is experienced and mature. An adult. You know, who does what they say they’ll do and doesn’t miss deadlines.
  • Protects your brand and reputation. Who reflects really well on your judgment.

There are many talented writers in the marketplace who can write dazzling copy. But they don’t know your audience and won’t take the time or effort to learn about your customers so they can write to your audience’s needs, desires, and wants. And the numbers won’t move.

And maybe you’ve found someone who can do a bang-up job for you and you’re so keen on seeing their second act until… you learn they’ve moved on to the next gig. And the numbers go flat again.

Does someone like this exist anymore?‎

‎X Gets tech

X Gets your business and your customers

X Produces consistently positive results

X Experienced, makes deadlines

X Respects your brand and reputation

So… You’re Planning an SEO or Conversion Campaign?

You’ve got a lot riding on your SEO and Conversion Campaigns. You and your company’s reputation and your limited resources. Do you really want to continue to spin the “wheel of fortune” and hire someone who you suspect cannot meet your expectations?

Robert B Kennedy

‎Maybe your search is over. Maybe you’ve found your guy. With 20 years as a technical writer. In the technology trenches.

Who produces sales-focused copy that gets results and:

X Gets tech (20 years’ experience in SW Dev/IT Services)

X Gets your business and your customers (I wrote for these users as a technical writer)

X Produces consistently positive results (Got references to prove it)

X Experienced: makes deadlines (Big deal for me: No unpleasant surprises.)

X Respects your brand and reputation (How about a client list as a technical writer that included PwC, Deutsche Bank, Verizon Wireless, and Time Warner?)

Let’s talk.

“Your article is really solid! You talk about the subject matter with fluency and don’t water it down, which is great for our audience. It’s very authoritative and informative. Great job!” — John K.

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