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A Quick SEO Site Analysis

A Quick SEO Site Analysis to Find Your Competitors

1) Open an “Incognito” window in Chrome (or “Private Window” in Firefox or another browser).

2) In Google search, type in a few obvious keywords someone might use to find your type of business. For example, “Divorce Lawyer in Brooklyn” or “Divorce Law, Brooklyn.”

3) Look at the results.

A Surprising SEO Sample

Here’s a recent result from a large and growing commercial law firm. They’ve got twelve offices in the mid-Atlantic region. I focused on their office in Philadelphia.

1) Key Term: “commercial law Philadelphia” (this is what frequent blog posts by firm associates were using as a broad theme).

2) Results: A Google “snack pack” search box up top dominated by a single attorney (Sarah E. Holmes) and two single-office law firms.

law firms SEO search image

3) Below the snack pack box, more small firms and directory listings. The big law firm I was searching for did not show up on the first four Google search pages.

More SEO Sleuthing

I took a quick look at their site and found they were using an outdated convention for keywords. Worse, their keywords began with the firm name, followed by city, as in “XYZ, Philadelphia, XYZ, Baltimore, etc…” They did have “business law firms” at the end of the phrase. However, if you searched using the keyword “commercial,” they were not to be found.

How many customers is this large law firm losing to its much smaller competition because it has not invested in SEO?

SEO Audit? SEO Analysis Sounds Better!

I don’t call it an audit, but a “site analysis.” The word “audit” does not have a good vibe due to its long association with the IRS. However, if you’ve neglected SEO, your company might be guilty of lost revenue.

My Site Analysis reveals:

  • A broad overview of your SEO status.
  • A rough overview of your competitor’s rankings and how you might rank as high as they do.
  • The most significant changes needed, with smooth changes that can pay off quickly (the “low-hanging fruit”) first.
  • Your site’s most significant SEO vulnerabilities and how to fix them.
  • Some goals for optimizing SEO for the near and distant future.

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