So, you’ve found this site because you’re looking for SEO services? An SEO specialist, not necessarily an “SEO GURU”? (That’s the person standing behind a curtain like the Wizard of OZ who excels in concealing what’s not that complicated…)

Maybe you’re also looking for an SEO writer?

Alternatively, a third type:

Someone who wears both hats, who fuses specialized SEO knowledge with outstanding SEO writing?

You’ve found your unicorn.

SEO is the Tortoise Over the Hare

If you’ve done any Adwords advertising, you know it can be profitable if you’ve configured everything right. It can also be costly. Optimizing advertising campaigns tends to be expensive.

If you’ve got the budget or you’re under severe time constraints — you need to ramp up sales tomorrow — then a good Adwords campaign will work better than SEO.

However, online advertising can resemble the “Hare” in Aesop’s fable. It shoots out of the gate when you see clicks and get some sign-ups, but then it doesn’t last (no budget is unlimited).

SEO services are like the “Tortoise.” He starts slowly, but doesn’t wear himself out and eventually overtakes the Hare and wins the race. Executing an SEO strategy takes more time, sometimes three months or more, to move the needle. However, SEO campaigns can be planned, executed, and carefully monitored for success to ensure a positive ROI.

SEO is Dynamic

After a few months of hard work, wouldn’t it be nice to find your company landing consistently in the “top 5” Google search results? Also, you can just put your feet up and hat out to collect the coins that rain down?

Unfortunately, SEO is not a “set it and forget it” function, for a few reasons. Some competitors are investing in SEO, and they’re not resting till they’re up top, potentially pushing your presence down the page. Moreover, Google loves to tweak their proprietary algorithms. Their changes can impact any number of dozens of search factors. Which could also hurt your organic search results.

Choose a Professional SEO Consultant/SEO Writer

Someone with over 17 years as a professional writer in Fortune 500 corporations (client list). A performer who understands business needs, who focuses on executing a sound strategy for success.

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Bobby’s focus and tireless efforts on this project have allowed us to come a long way in a short period of time.

Mark Munley, Director Global IT, PR Newswire

Why This Effort?

A few years back, I was sitting at my desk at a large, prestigious institution in New York City. I was hired as a Senior Technical Writer, something I’d been for many years. Over the years, I’d mastered the nuts and bolts of technical writing: User guides; Administrative Guides; P&P (“Policy & Procedures”), even DR (Disaster Recovery) and BCP (Business Continuity Plans). This work helped raise two kids, so I never sneered
at it.

But, as I sat there, I realized there was a ghost in the machine. There was a different kind of work I’d been asked to do along the way. Work that I had more than a passing interest in:

  • Press Releases
  • Product Slicks
  • Web Content

I became hooked on persuasive writing and invested in some of the best course material on marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) available. I began moonlighting, taking on contracts in the evening and weekends.

In February 2019, this new enterprise was born.

Robert B. Kennedy

Bobby Kennedy


Personal Milestones:

  •  B.A. English, St. Joseph’s University
  • US Army Paratrooper (82nd Abn.)
  • 5-Year Residency in Europe (Fluent Speaker of German)
  • Published Poet

Some Satisfied Clients:

  • Alliance Bernstein L.P.
  • Associated Press
  • Comcast Corporation
  • Deutsche Bank (US)
  • DOITT (Department of IT, New York City)
  • Dow Jones & Company
  • NYU
  • PR Newswire Association LLC. (Now Cision)
  • PwC
  • Radianz (Now BT Radianz)
  • RBC Capital Markets
  • Verizon Wireless
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