The following offers a look into past work.

Most of my samples cannot be posted online, but many can be available on a case-by-case basis. To see additional samples, contact me.

SEO Blog Post (Finance)

Note: The image below is a “behind-the-curtain” view of a tool I use that optimizes SEO content. The green bars to the right are all 100%.


Post as seen inside “Web Text Tool” (for configuring SEO content)

“Thank you. You do great work and the turnaround was fantastic. You delivered an excellent product. In fact, it was more than I expected.”

Bob Everett (Financial Advisor)


SEO Long Article (Technology)

Portfolio 1

“Bingo, this is great Bobby.”
Kai Rostcheck (LinkedIn)

SEO Long Article (Popular)

email sig screen cap

“Good article. It’s generating great traffic!”
Dmitry Dragilev (LinkedIn)

Email Sequence

switcom screencap

“Robert is a true expert in the field of copywriting. Thanks to his intense knowledge about sales and marketing as well as his analytical skills he is able to understand complex ideas and concepts more deeply while creating content that is crisp, punchy, and to the point.”

Ben Annen (LinkedIn)

Entire Website Rewrite

Portfolio 2

“We are very happy with the website!”

Pål Syvertsen (LinkedIn)


White Paper (Cryptocurrency)

Note: One page below used with permission. The entire document cannot be displayed.

Portfolio 3

Great job. This looks fantastic.
Jason Van Anden (LinkedIn)


Interview of Business Leader

Portfolio 4

“Really fine interview. Thank you!”
Matthias Roebel (LinkedIn)

User Guide (Software)

Portfolio 5

“This is really polished. A great job!”
David Kolakowski (LinkedIn)


Trophy Case

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