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For 20 years, I worked as a technical writer at firms like Verizon Wireless and PwC.
I leverage this rich experience (outstanding writing skills, technical knowledge, and the ability to apply both) to offer both SEO and Copywriting services.

Note that:

  • All copywriting services are SEO-optimized.
  • All SEO services are copywriting-optimized.


About Pricing

I don’t do cheap work. Ever.

Choose an industry and look at their “Royal” pages (see below) and you’ll find remarkable similarities. There are typically two reasons for this:

  • The writer copied competitors’ content when the pages were created and altered them just enough to avoid plagiarism.
  • The writer was mediocre. Someone found either in-house or cheap.

If you want your website’s pages to read like everyone else’s, then you can hire a cheap commodity writer.

The right words persuade. The most stunning images, however scintillating, do not persuade. Finding the right words to convince clients to choose your service is hard work. And it takes years to master.

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